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  • Their past experience does not align with roles they want to switch to
  • They aren’t getting interview calls
  • They are getting interview calls but not offers
  • How do I convince them I am ‘a great fit’ for the role
  • Your experience as a data analyst can also help come up with insightful Key Performance Metrics that will help measure the success of your proposed solutions as a product manager.
  • While you haven’t worked for a social media company before, you do have ideas on how one can slice and dice data, and optimize queries when investigating millions of user records.

Now onto the next step.

Prepping for behavioral rounds seems very easy.

  • Give them a little more than they ask of you. “Tell me about a time you lead a team?’, I can tell you about a time I lead a team AND faced some hurdles but overcame it by doing XYZ. I also ended up learning ABC is really important when working in a team and can go a long way.


Remember to research the company — it’s latest acquisitions, it’s latest solutions, new features in their products and so on.

  • It will also give ideas in terms of suggesting new solutions that leverage and go hand-in-hand with their existing solutions.
  • It will help you when its your turn to ask questions to the interviewer at the end of your interview.

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