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When I googled some of the top struggles of job seekers, the following popped up:

  • They don’t know what they want
  • Their past experience does not align with roles they want to switch to
  • They aren’t getting interview calls
  • They are getting interview calls but not offers

While an impressive resume studded with ‘technical skills’, ‘certifications’, prestigious ‘alma mater’, ‘work experience’ and Fortune 500’s are good hooks, lack of clarity about the kind of role you want can thwart all your milestones on paper and otherwise.

Every company we apply to is building solutions to help customers. They have a…

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How many times have you lived through a video conference and struggled to understand some of the words being said? How many of those times have you wished you could view live transcripts of the ongoing conversation just to make the conversation a little easier to comprehend?

Well, I have, on multiple occasions! People come from various backgrounds, and geographical locations with their own native accent. With COVID-19, working from home amidst background noise is also something a lot of us struggle with. It enables better comprehension and learning for students attending classes online. Not just that, it helps people…

Graphical passwords with image points that serve as unique “characters” in a password.

I was recently reading up about how passwords are easy to crack today and how many of the cybersecurity attacks start off with a compromised password when I stumbled upon Graphical Passwords and its potential. The idea of doing away with having to memorize your alpha-numeric password(s) is intriguing and relieving. I would no longer have to worry about trying out permutations of my password to login to each application individually after getting a new phone. I also don’t have to resort to clicking on Forgot Password after failing to guess the password.

Graphical passwords are a method of authentication…

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As a part of one of my assignments in my Masters course, I wrote a report on Dominos and was left quite intrigued by its story.

Gone are the days when we had one favorite go-to place that made the best pasta in a 20-mile radius and enjoyed a huge footfall. Times have changed and so has the landscape. As a customer, today we have a plethora of options to choose from in every cuisine, at every bend of the road. And when we are too lazy to drive, our dinner is a few taps away on the mobile phone…

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In one of the strategy classes in my Master’s program, I deep dived into Intel, and was left fascinated.

It is a catastrophic mistake to assume that one strategy and plan of action that works well today, will continue to reap extraordinary results forever. Reflecting upon trends, redefining goals, revisiting and revising strategies are important, crucial steps. Intel’s transformational journey from a Memory Company to a Microcomputer Company has been phenomenal, with many factors to analyze and learn from.


Intel, the Memory Chip company, realized the growing need and demand for memory devices, and the inability…

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Let’s talk Online Shopping.

A few weeks ago, I posted some pictures on Instagram. The likes started coming in, but this time, the likes were no longer at the bottom panel towards the left of my profile icon, I noticed the ‘bag like’ icon in its place. Very curiously and impulsively I clicked on the shop icon. And here is what I found!

When technology says “me too”.

A picture representing social media applications we use on a daily basis. Example:Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn.
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How many times do we pause to pay attention to the things we use on a daily basis? I, for one, have often found myself using products and bumping into the latest updates as I accidentally discover them.

I have always been one to stay in constant touch with my close friends over video calls. And now with the pandemic, there is no denying that video conferencing has become a stand in for in-person interactions in our weekday 9–5 routine as well. …

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A few days back I was reading an article on my mobile phone using Adobe Acrobat when it prompted me to click on a droplet icon for a more optimized and easy-to-read view. All of a sudden the curiosity in me had me googling Acrobat. A few taps later I found myself reading about Adobe E-Signatures.

Within a few ‘right-click and open’ Chrome tabs, I educated myself a little about digital signatures and e-signatures. I quickly learnt that even though the two are used interchangeably, there are some noteworthy differences between the two. Digital signatures, on one hand, are used…

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They say, ‘Don’t be afraid to ask questions!’. Let’s ask some that have been asked and answered a million times over.What makes one a good leader? What is the one quality in a leader that is important but often overlooked?

We have all read articles on leadership that have left us intrigued, articles that echo our thoughts and confirm our ideas about leadership, most of which have been drawn from studying success stories and personalities. Today, it is no more a question of whether we know that a leader should be motivating, inspiring and encouraging because we now know what…

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Let’s Zoom is the new Let’s meet! With articles floating around about Zoom’s phenomenal overnight success, I found myself thinking about where its competitors are at. I googled Google’s Duo and Meet next. Let’s take a look at both.

Google pitches Duo as the casual video-calling application that comes with filters and effects to add some quirk. Supporting up to 12 people on the Mobile version, and up to 32 otherwise, the app comes without a screen-sharing feature, but sports a video and voice message feature and is known for its “Knock Knock” feature that lets the receiver see a…

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